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china started without electricity power grid construction in


     recently, the investment plan in accordance with the state-assigned, the state grid corporation of households without electricity in the area of business concentration in tibet, xinjiang, qinghai and sichuan tibetan and mongolian east issued in 2012 the region without electricity power construction project investment plan, for a total of 987 million during the year and strive to solve the 96 000 households without electricity, 400,000 without the power of the electric population. meanwhile, the southern power grid company will complete rural power grid construction investment 20.48 billion yuan to solve the remaining 77,000 in the supply region electrical population of electricity. moreover, the inner mongolia electric power company quality and quantity to complete the task of 35,000 farm household power.      solve the non-power electricity effect of population was significantly
     state grid corporation of agricultural power ministry official recently said: "2011 extension of the grid for the 34 900 households without electricity, more than 136,000 people to solve the power problem. new motor-pumped wells energized 57500, to benefit more than 412.14 million mu of farmland. the statistics show that the state grid corporation since 2006 invested a total of 16.95 billion yuan, 5.225 million people without electricity to solve the power problem, the original operating regions within the region without electricity electricity basically solved the problem.
    2011 southern power grid to complete the construction of county power to invest 21.3 billion yuan to solve the 11 administrative villages and 43 800 non-electric household electricity to supply the region's administrative villages, village power. especially since people without electricity power project, the southern power grid to invest 1.13 billion yuan to solve the largest proportion of the population of yunnan without electricity - the zhaotong 156 000 about 600 000 electrical population of electricity since 2005.
    in addition, in 2011, the rural power grids upgrade project of inner mongolia electric power corporation completed an investment of 1.8 billion yuan, a strong guarantee for a reliable electricity demand of the local economic construction and the agricultural and pastoral areas. the basic completion of the county network planning, rural power "12th five-year" plan and the areas without electricity "12th five-year plan.
    will coordinate to solve the agricultural production of electricity
    "national grid will be the end of august this year the full realization of the three-year objectives of the comprehensive management of rural areas 'low voltage', to establish long-term mechanism to protect the quality of client-side voltage. state grid vice president yang previously pointed out. meanwhile, national grid will also integrate to solve the "motor-pumped wells energized, agricultural production, electricity and agricultural facilities, electricity and other problems.
    it is understood that the past few years due to changes in the rural power management system of tibet, xinjiang, qinghai, sichuan and other places, some of the small local grid, self-district transfer, as well as relocation and other factors, the national power grid, new supply area without electron population, the national grid planning "during the 12th five-investment of 20.65 billion yuan, 2.075 million people without electricity grid extension to solve the problem of electricity.
    in addition, the "12th five-year" period, the southern power grid plans to invest 111.6 billion yuan for rural power grid transformation and upgrading, focused on the modification or transformation, but there are still insufficient power supply capacity, the implementation of the lower supply reliability of rural power grids transformation to solve the problem of agricultural production of electricity.
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