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this summer the power gap will reach 35 million kilowatts


            beijing, june 4 (reporter baodan) learned from the 2012 national electric reliability conference power of supervision and management of reliability indicators conference held today: the "eleventh five-year, our generator sets unplanned stop transport continued to decline in the number of 10 kv average user power supply reliability rate significantly improved urban and rural users, the annual average interruption frequency and duration of steady decline.
urban, rural power failure is less
          cec statistics show that compared with 2006, 2011 national urban 10 kv user supply reliability rate of 99.849% to 99.920%, equivalent to the average annual outage time reduced from 13.191 hours to 7.012 hours; national rural 10 kv user supply reliability rate of 99.563% to 99.790%, equivalent to the user's average annual outage time decreased from 38.3 hours to 18.43 hours.
           the level of supply reliability in rural areas is uneven. north china, east china region had the highest rural level of supply reliability, customer average interruption time of 14.32 hours and 15.02 hours. power supply reliability rate in rural areas to enhance the fastest in the southern region, and the customer average interruption time of 27.69 hours, up by 33.86% in 2010.
          lack of power, weak rural power grid is still constrained and reliable power supply system power, has become an important cause of the limited power. cec statistics show that in 2011 all regions of the country due to lack of system power, occurred in varying degrees of restrictions on electricity, southern regional power shortage of power rationing time the longest, an average of 52.2 minutes / household, followed by central region an average of 40 minutes / user years. from various provinces and cities, in 2011 a total of 17 provinces because of insufficient power supply lead to power rationing, which limited power of the longest in guangxi, the average power rationing time of 6.18 hours / household, followed by hunan, shanxi, ch