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       according to reports, india will become the world 's fastest growing coal imports a country, and the world's largest private coal company of the united states peabody energy company ( peabody energy ) and the world's largest industrial gas producer linde group ( linde ag ) .
       due to growth in coal production is atrophic, power surge in demand, this resulted in india throughout the domestic electricity shortages. future is almost no new coal mine into production, india power coal demand in the next five years will exceed its production1.5tons.
          india plans to more than the united states as the world's second largest consumer of coal, to 2020, its will become the largest coal importer.
          this development has the potential to fundamentally change the global coal supply and demand situation.
          peabody energy company and the linde group have reason to pay close attention to india energy dynamic.
          peabody earlier in the india and india coal company acquired the mine, but both ended in failure.
         on the other hand, delin group is a india parent company, its will to oxygen steel and other manufacturing industries supply of oxygen, as well as to the solar manufacturers supply special gas.
         the international energy agency 's chief economist fatih birol said:" the international coal market is easy to influence the development of china, chinese coal production demand accounted for almost half of the world, to india coal is growing."
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